The Restless Conscience
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"The film was especially powerful when, in the midst of all the cold history, cases of pure humanity surfaced."

- Westdeutsche Allgemeine


"...Far surpasses all its predecessors. Never has the awakening of conscience been so movingly presented. In every sentence, in every interview, we sense how carefully and intensively the director is trying to allow justice to be done to this miserable chapter of German history. She does not defend and she does not accuse. She allows the truth to speak through shattering pictures and moving interviews, conducted with the few survivors and the magnificent wives of the victims. This is a documentary with class, worthy of the prizes and recognition it has already received. The fact that it comes from the outside, from America, increases its credibility and persuasive power."

- Stuttgarter Zeitung


"...Eminently important film. Powerful, authentic."

- Hamburger Abendblat

"Her film is a paean celebrating human integrity, the willingness to make sacrifices, courage, and humanistic ethos - as much an example today as in those dark years."

- Der Tagesspiegel


"... Moving, impressive..."

- Süddeutsche Zeitung


"The Restless Conscience... can be counted among the most thorough and the most impressive works about the Resistance group... (a film) of extraordinary high value."

- Neue Zeit


"...Deeply moving portrayal of individual destinies."

- Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung


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