The Restless Conscience
Trailer Interview

What would I do?" "I think Ms. Beller raised an important point. We must all wonder what the Holocaust means for the larger society and for ourselves. By studying what happened and why it happened, we are only learning a little. By thinking about ourselves in the context of the Holocaust, we are learning much more about future prevention. What would I have done?

Her discussion was most interesting in terms of why she was doing what she did. By hearing her speak before and after, you were able to truly hear her voice throughout her work... What would you do?


Hava Beller's visit to class was wonderful because she forced us to engage in conversation and think about how we felt on the issues her film addresses, as opposed to listening to her speak about what she thought, and letting ourselves remain at a distance from the subject." Regarding the film: "poignant and thought-provoking. The tape of the trials is on my mind still.


Her interest in us was incredible. As a filmmaker she still strove to see our views and reasons for taking the class.


There are two things that particularly struck me about this film. The first is that I, like Ms. Beller, was surprised to discover that Hitler's own men had disagreed with policies and attempted to fight them for years. I had known previously that there were assassination attempts on Hitler's life, but I was not aware of the length, extensiveness, and self-sacrifice of the plans. The other is a comment made in the documentary that these men had ‘to be free within themselves’ in order to fight and resist the way that they did. That strikes me as ironic, only because I would have thought that resisting would have liberated their consciences, not the other way around. After some thought, however, I concluded that perhaps the majority of Europeans did nothing to protest the Nazi regime in Germany nor in their own countries because they were not secure or comfortable enough in their own skins to protest this omnipotent, charismatic leader who was arriving as their savior from the devilish Jews, Gypsies, Communists, etc.


I felt as though her interest was to seek the nature of humanity, and why some people were in opposition and others were followers.

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